Scams popped up on my feed today showing off a nice looking “hammock” chair. But the price seemed ridiculously low for the engineering I imagined it needed. It appears to be related to

Appears to have been registered last month.

I looked everywhere I might reasonably expect to find such a product (like aliexpress) but couldn’t find it.

Tin eye finds a B&W version of the image used “Nemo stargazer recliner” on inside hook


Looks like scam good and proper.

The content was posted by timneo on 2020-05-29 21:41:22 via reddit

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  1. Indeed – like every other too good to be true deal from a freshly created website, this one seems to be a scam (of the !advancefee variety, in perticular).

  2. Your post is the first relevant link that came up in my search, as I too saw the chair and was suspicious.
    I found some on Amazon for $150+, but that’s it.

    I’ll pass on this “deal” unfortunately, the chair looks amazing.

  3. I ordered one of these chairs – and a hammock arrived.

    I emailed to say I’d not received my order and they provided tracking information – which was the hammock being delivered!

    Now going to try and get a refund – or the chair!!!

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