Uber scam?

So I just tried to login to my Uber-account via my computer to download an invoice.
I start by entering my phone number, it then says my account is temporarily blocked. I checked the app on my phone and there everything seemed fine, so I tried again on the computer, same thing happened again. When I tried for a third time, it worked: I have two factor authentification set up, so I wait for my code, which, as always, comes via an SMS sent by “Uber”, but this time it also says to “reply STOP” to a regular phone number to not receive any more messages. I enter the code from the SMS, which works and then my password and log-in as per usual… It was definitely the actual Uber website, but I just learned that these types of SMS are a scam. How can that happen when I tried to log in via the real Uber website? And how did the code / login still work when it was sent by a scammer?

When I logged out and in again, I only got SMS’ with codes AND the “reply STOP”, so I changed the two factor authentification to use a code app instead of my phone number. I also changed my password, took out my PayPal from the account and even changed my name…

I’m still worried though — should I be?

The content was posted by Scary-Tax9542 on 2021-10-06 01:01:45 via reddit

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  1. badasscrying says:

    I’ve never heard of this scam and am certainly not an expert, but from scrolling through this sub it sounds like you took all the right precautions in case you did have something to worry about. Not sure though, hopefully someone more knowledgeable on this scam sees your post. Good luck!

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