United Collections Bureau…Scam Right?

*Update: we got a notice in the mail for a medical bill for a whole $82 that the medical office never bothered to send us, but sent straight to collections. Because that makes so much sense, ha. Thanks again everyone for the responses, I’m glad I waited for written notification and now I know.

Received a call from United Collections Bureau asking for a callback. It’s a scam right?

Why I think it’s a scam:
– contacted me by phone
– didn’t identify me by name or state the debt they were collecting
– my credit reports from all three credit bureaus come back clean – no delinquent accounts.
– asked for a callback from me

Why it MIGHT not be a scam:
– Google searches reveal UCB is supposedly a legit company
– The call sounded way more professional than most scammers

I’m like 90% irritated, 10% concerned. What do y’all think?

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  1. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Might be a scam, might be legit. No telling since it is actually a debt collector. According to fair debt collection laws (USA), they can’t leave your name or what debt unless they can actually verify that you are the correct person. If you answer and they say who is this, just hang up. If they say May I speak to (insert name), then possibly legit. But unless you verify it is actually the person they asked for, they can give no additional information. If you don’t confirm and ask who they are, it’s a personal business matter is the required response. Sooo… if you owe a debt (and you checked credit reports which show none), then it may just be a spoofed scam/spam call. If you owe a debt…talk to them or not. Me? I don’t answer unknown numbers, let them go to voice mail, which I then ignore and delete, and block the ones that are persistent.

  2. AceyAceyAcey says:

    As Gofly says, unless you know you have a debt and they have bought it, no way to know. And even if you do have such a debt, it may not be them but instead a scammer pretending to be them! If you ever answer them, tell them you will not respond unless you get “validation of the debt in writing”. If you do know you have debt, pay it on their website, or call them directly, and then bargain them down.

  3. SeatEqual says:

    Be careful. Acknowledging an old debt that is past the statute of limitations can revive that debt.

    Also, make the debt is legal…I got a bill collector pursuing an unpaid medical bill once. I called the health insurance company. After they researched it, they told me the doctor’s office screwed up the insurance filing and never fixed it – even though the insurance company told them how to fix it – and eventually the charge exceeded the time allowed by their contract. So apparently the doctor sent a collection agent after me. But insurance company told me by contract, they weren’t allowed to do that and not to pay it.

    Another time, after my divorce, another collection agent told me I was responsible for the ex wife’s unpaid credit card even though it was in her name only bc I was married to her at the time and I told him doesn’t work that way, told him I would sue if he contacted me again, and hung up.

    But every once in a while it’s legit…one of my daughters thought she paid off a college tuition bill but screwed up her math. It was legit and we paid it once we confirmed it was legit. (Although the school made no effort to contact her directly first).

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