Unknowingly Commited Fraud?

So I fell victim to an online scam. Done my research and it turns out I was victim to APP. Authorised Push Payment. Rang my bank and explained the situation to them and luckily the advisor I spoke to said on this occasion only and as a gesture of goodwill, they will reimburse me the full amount. My question is will I in anyway be blacklisted if reported? Reason I ask is when I told my scammer I will be reporting him, he turned it around on me saying he will report me and get me blacklisted from banks and I won’t be able to get a mortgage etc. I’ve read up on AC fraud and it usually gets people blacklisted regardless of if they were aware or not. But the thing is I wasn’t storing or laundering any money for anyone using my account. I simply got conned out of my money and sent money from my personal account to another. Is he just trying to scare me or is it a possibility?

The content was posted by Emma-Lei on 2021-05-02 07:33:24 via reddit

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  1. No lol. Scammers flip their shit usually something about your mother being a donkey. Indian and African Scammers can’t do anything close to reporting you.

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