Unsure if I’m being scammed or not?

I’m not the most savvy, and I’m new to the board so apologies in advance if I’m coming off odd. Also on my phone

So, I use a service called Gumtree to sell things, an online service similar to like, Craigslist I think? (I’m in the UK). In the past, I’ve had a scammer offer to PayPal me and they’d arrange for a courier. The email looked real, but the money wasn’t in my account. They said it would clear in a few days but they’d alrwady sent it. I decided to not go ahead with it, and found out it was a typical scam.

So im selling an electronic device and am contacted by somebody in Scotland who would like me to post it. I agree but only if its Bank transfer (due to the popular and common PayPal scam). We go back and forth for a while, with photos of product, extra details etc, he suggests that he will pay first bc he trusts me. I’ve received full payment. I’ve been able to move the money between accounts. I think this is legit?

The thing that’s making me doubt it, is that I cant believe he actually sent me that money, that AMOUNT of money, when there is a risk I could totally dip? I’m more than happy to post it, but I don’t know if I’m falling for a more sophisticated scam?

Is there anyway I can still fall victim? I have all the messages detailing us consenting to the current deal (price, postage, bank deets etc). Like, could he claim the money back from me?

I’m very confused and would appreciate any and all guidance! I’d like to pist the item tomorrow as I don’t want to spook him if he’s legit, I just wanna make sure I’m not gonna put myself massively out of pocket.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. aspiegrrrl says:

    Gumtree is for cash-only sales in person. Anything else is a scam.

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