Unsure if this brand ambassador deal from florince_official on Instagram is a scam. Doing a bit of research it looks fairly legit, but they are offering it to my friend who has a follower count much lower than most “brand ambassadors”

My friend has recently done some modeling and is posting on Instagram a lot trying to increase her influence. She gets sent a lot of messages about brand ambassador deals, but most of them are scams. She got [this message]( recently from a brand account, florince_official, that has about 32k followers and a seemingly real online store at []( They post other brand ambassadors on their Instagram page that, as far as I can tell, are real accounts. Everything seems real enough, I’m just a bit suspicious because my friend has only ~250 followers and I know that people only tend to get real brand ambassador deals around 2500 followers. I also suspect their products may just be not very good and they might just ask for a large “shipping” fee in return for some subpar products. Has anyone heard of them/worked with them or know of someone who has? Thanks.

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  1. I’m nobody and I have had three of these offers. I’m not even trying to influence anyone. One example, I posted a picture of something bee related in my garden and within a day I had an “offer” from company that sells save the bees merch. My only followers are mainly friends and family and a few people who I guess like vegetarian food?

    So I think they just send these things out to anyone and everyone who hashtags whatever they’re into. If They cast a wide enough net surely some will be caught.

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  3. I know you got your answer, but rule of thumb anyone asks you to pay for something then you are the customer they are trying to sell to.

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