UPDATE: My dad got scammed.

Around half a month ago I posted about how my dad avoided a Facebook marketplace scam when he was trying to sell a watch.

Today he was supposed to receive his paycheck, he found out that he got around 12.000 pesos stolen (I think it’s like 120 dollars, it’s a lot). The way these people managed to do this was through third party companies and his CVU that they got with that watch transfer. They hired a company which hired a company to charge him automatic debits. They charged a lot of them and around 7 of them went through. He’s gonna have to talk to this company and I’ll update on whether he can talk it out or sue them. I’ll also update on if the money can be recovered.

They stole my dad a hefty amount of money but it’s not gonna hurt him. Unlike a lot of people in this country my family can endure this amount of money lost, my grandma and my uncle will help him through this month. His account is now unusable since they will keep charging him, he took all of his money out and he’s gonna take down that account and will make another one.

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  1. Goflyakitescammers says:

    And watch out for !recovery agents. They are a scam as well

  2. The_Chimeran_Hybrid says:

    Chances are the companies are fake, have fun trying to get that money back, Iā€™m not holding out hope for you.

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