Update to What’s up with this text- FEMA scam worse than it seemed!

Background- my husband was getting voicemails and texts claiming to be a FEMA inspector who was going to authorize his (non-existent) claim from Hurricane Ida over the phone once he provided some info. We assumed it was phishing.

He got a new call today about his “application” that included some woman’s name. He reported the fraud and found the had used his name, address, phone number, SSN, and
make and model of our car which she claimed was destroyed by Ida! The only companies I can think of that have all of that info are our credit union (PFCU), Penndot (DMV), and maybe our car insurance (do they collect SSN’s?). We moved 2 years ago and bought the car before that so that rules out the dealer.

Does anyone know of breaches in either of those orgs?

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  1. Not sure about those, but try https://haveibeenpwned.com and see if anything turns up. On the other hand, you’d be surprised by how much can be pieced together by matching across multiple breached datasets, so it might not be any single source.

    One that might have it is the credit agency Equifax, which had a 2017 breach that released lots of info on 100 million Americans.

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