(urgent) I need help to identify if this is a scam and what kind is it

A women added me on snap saying her dad was a millionaire and after he passed away she inherited his wealth and wanted to give it away to people who needed it. I instantly thought it was a scam, so I played dumb and followed along with what she was saying/asking. After a couple hours of texting I actually had doubts about it being a scam, she eventually gave me her accountants number and we started texted as well. They weren’t asking for any personal bank information only stuff that’s going on in my life and my full name to put on the check. Her accountant eventually sent me a check via email worth $1,800 and it’s being processed right now and should be done in the hour. The only request she had was that I donate $1,300 to a charity, meaning I can keep $500 for myself. At this point I didn’t really think it was a scam they were both extremely nice and wasn’t trying to get information out of me. But her accountant won’t give me the name of the charity until the money is in my account, which is a little suspicious to me. I first asked if I can donate it to a suicide prevention charity and was quickly denied. I don’t know what the end goal in this is. If you have theories or if you’re aware this is a scam please let me know. Thank you.

The content was posted by Mordeci2 on 2021-11-09 08:38:04 via reddit

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  1. grevfrknt56 says:

    LOL. Of course it’s a scam. The message is filled with nonsensical scammer crap that you can read in hundreds of scam.posts.

    Just stop communicating with them. Nobody gives out free money. Nobody.

  2. DarrenFromFinance says:

    If someone you don’t know contacts you online and offers to give you free money, it is one hundred per cent guaranteed that they intend to get money from you. There are no exceptions to this, ever. Anyone can pretend to be whoever they like: I could be a millionaire, for all you know, and how could you prove I’m not?

    If they wanted you to have $500, why wouldn’t they just give you $500 without the complications? If they wanted to give $1300 to a charity, why wouldn’t they just give $1300 to a charity? Why do you have to do it for them?

    Do not fall for their grift. You will lose money if you do, and then you’ll be back here saying you lost $1800 that you can’t afford and asking if there’s any way you can get it back.

  3. indigowulf says:

    They send you a fake check, then have you donate most of it to “charity” which is them of course. Plus the check will bounce. That’s YOU donating $1300 to them, while you get nothing but overdraft fees in return. The “accountant” is another scammer.

  4. When a random person messages you and give you a personal story, it’s always a scam. Why would a so called millionaire message you ?

  5. buckthestar says:

    That check is going to bounce after you give them the 1300, and then you are out the money plus whatever fees from the bank. This is a very common scam, just stop talking to them and contact your bank to let them know you might have been given a bad check.

  6. joeyGibson says:

    So, some random “woman” on the internet contacts _you_, someone she knows nothing about, to share in her inherited wealth, and you “had doubts about it being a scam”. Dude. Come on. Think about this. Nothing in that story makes sense. If they wanted to donate to “charity” they could do it themselves. The “woman”, “her accountant”, and the “charity” are the same person, most likely. The money will show in your account, but that does not mean it has “cleared”. It’s stolen money, and in a few weeks/months, it will be take back from your account, even if that puts you in the negative, but what you sent to the “charity” will still be gone.

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