us this a common scam?

us this a common scam?

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  1. teratical says:

    When they send you these kind of long, convoluted stories (a red flag by itself), as easy way to check if they are working off of a scammer script is to pick a unique sentence and google it.

    For example, I just googled “I need to sell it before the 15 of next month” (I chose this because an American would say 15th not 15). I came up with exactly one hit: a [blog]( that discussed this kind of scam. In the comments, four different people paste in responses they got from sellers that almost exactly match what you posted. They are all from 2016-2017, so this scammer has obviously been using this script for a long time.

  2. Aunty_Fascist says:

    !car scam

    The extra details, especially the dead husband, are standard script.

  3. You answered your own question when you said “ is it too good to be true”. Unless you can go round there, see the vehicle, pay cash and drive it away, it’s a scam. See this on Gumtree in UK before .

  4. drannemiller says:

    A military person would never say they are in a base. We are always either on base or off.

  5. GadreelsSword says:

    It’s a very old and common scam. I’ve had it directed at me. They wanted $5,000 for a two year old F150 pickup truck and were going to ship it from Europe for free. They were selling it because their brother died and they don’t need it.

  6. TurquoiseCephalopod says:

    Easiest way to tell is it get them to message back a few times. All of a sudden their messages are super short and full of typos and weird grammar

  7. windisfun says:

    There is no truck. The only thing about this that actually exists is your money, which they are trying to steal.

  8. Yeah its a very common scan. Usually a higher end modle of a car or truck or some sort of sports car.

    The price is the biggest red flag. $1k for for an 80k mile v8 xlt f-150 is suspicious.

    Also another red flag. You have the sob story to try and humanize the seller and last they gave A specific date they are leaving for a “military duty” and how long the “duty” is. Also no one calls it duty. Either shipping out or deployed
    . And all of that info in its self is a OPSEC situation which they should know is a huge problem to release publicly the ship out date.

  9. eBay doesn’t offer the service being described here.
    Shipping a car is not inexpensive. Nobody is shipping a car just for you to try out.
    The used car market is so hot right now. A legitimate seller would have no problem unloading a used car locally.

  10. 39thWonder says:

    Haha, an acquaintance of mine almost fell for this a few weeks ago. He got concerned and called Ebay when they wanted him to pay Ebay giftcards instead of a paypal transaction through Craigslist. Ebay set him straight but he nearly went through with it. He showed me the post and their messaging and it was this word for word.

  11. ItsJustMeMaggie says:

    I see this one on here allllll the time

  12. Idiot_Weirdo says:

    Military base = scam

  13. wolfysalone says:

    Ofcourse it’s a scam these are all over craigslist and Facebook marketplace. I could link a bunch of these right now.

  14. gelfbride73 says:

    This one was a little more relaxed and didn’t have “kindly” seems like the scammers are learning. The middle bit was the usual script. Military/ dead spouse (usually they say widowed) and a detailed explanation designed to elicit sympathy.

  15. DR_Timefox says:

    Unless you get the car actually checked by a mechanic it’s a scam

  16. juliethegardener says:

    I guess the scammer doesn’t know that you can put your insurance on hold while your car is sitting idle in that fully enclosed garage, since you are out of the country on a military mission. They certainly know all the buzzwords.

  17. Sadly it is and they always target people. Make sure you report them

  18. Cant-think-of-a-nam says:

    When they copy and paste the whole description and say something about a dead husband thats a dead giveaway

  19. Tots2Hots says:

    Anything that reads like a shitty fanfic is a scam. If its more than a few lines of text, its a scam. This is a blatantly obvious screaming scam.

  20. Alexandria31xo says:

    Plenty of people have already stated it but just to reiterate, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

  21. I had a very similar thing happen when I was looking for an RV home. Same type of dialog, luckily found out eBay doesn’t handle this at all. Then went on a rampage requiring all the scam listings throughout the country I was so disgusted

  22. Ill_Maintenance8161 says:

    I’ve been a seller on eBay for many years. And believe me, I know bullshit when I hear it. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter!

  23. FamousToast says:

    Would this happen to be in Michigan? Saw the same listing here and it’s posted several times

  24. TeveTorbes83 says:

    If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

  25. annalytical_ says:

    Had someone use a script almost identical to this when we were trying to find a house to rent about a year ago. Definitely a scam.

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