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  1. sacrificial_blood says:

    Those masks are meant to be used once…

  2. Saranac233 says:

    Yes it’s a disposable mask that I use all day at work and then toss it in the garbage. But the string ripped off after only an hour of use. Why grab another disposable mask when this one can be fixed?

  3. ScheduleHuman326 says:

    Bite the corner, to make a little hole and tie it to it.

  4. mommytofive5 says:

    Masks are cheap $7 for 50 – no need to use staples.

  5. AlcoholPrep says:

    Needle and thread works better than a staple, if you happen to have it handy.

  6. PurpleSausage77 says:

    Nice hack OP. Would’ve came in clutch for me at work with the cheap masks that would snap easy especially on the job. Would’ve saved me from dumpster diving behind the McDonald’s for salvageable masks.

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