is it a fake website?


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  1. Another tip-off is that they are impersonating the name of a real carrier. Why would a legitimate company do that?

  2. hedgehogsinhats says:

    Yes, it’s fake. A tip is to try and click on the social media icons in the upper right corner. They don’t lead anywhere. A real company would link to their facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

  3. Of course and I guess, they only have 1 domain as well. Tried searching usps carrier on google but it’s not leading me somewhere like the one in this photo.

  4. joeyGibson says:

    Yes. The broken icon and default font on “USPS Carriers” is a bad sign.

  5. pkpearson says:

    The domain name was first registered in March of 2021. It belongs to someone in India.

  6. davoodm93 says:

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