Venmo/Cell Number Porting Scam

I received a $3,000 payment from someone I know on venmo. Luckily I reached out to them on fb messenger and he said his phone cell number was stolen and he was locked out of his venmo The scammer tried to request the money back through Venmo and when I didn’t comply they tride to grab my phone number. Luckily when I saw the text for the porting, I went straight to AT&T and locked my account. They even called my wife posing as AT&T. I had declined those calls bc I was standing in the AT&T store getting my account locked. The Caller ID showed AT&T. I now have the $3,000 sitting in my Venmo and I am getting text messages and venmo requests to send the money back. The fake AT&T numbers all had recordings just like if you were receiving a call from ATT directly or on hold with them. This scam has legs throughout my network of contacts, acquaintances, and friends. $5k stolen via paypal from one friend (and his phone number) and $10k from another friend’s paypal (his phone number stolen as well).

Advice? LOCK YOUR CELL PROVIDERS ONLINE ACCOUNT ACCESS DOWN. I have it where I can only log in if I call first. That’s how it begins. These scammers have all of our emails and old passwords already, so any opportunity to add 2-factor authentication, do it, now.

The content was posted by bluespank13 on 2020-12-18 11:40:04 via reddit

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  1. When you say that your friend’s cell phone number was “stolen”, do you mean that for some period of he lost the ability to make and receive calls using his cell phone? If so, then make sure that you and all of your friends understand how the SIM swap scam works, because that’s what happened to them.

    >add 2-factor authentication

    FWIW, any 2-factor authentication associated with your cell phone number won’t be helpful if you are a victim of a SIM swap scam. The whole point of the SIM swap scam is that any 2-factor authentication codes that are sent to your cell phone number will now be sent to a cell phone that is in the possession of the SIM swap scammer.

  2. Also let me be clear. Phone numbers were not recovered bc they were now owned by a new carrier. Only 1 person was able to have att get the numbers back from metro pcs. The phones could not make or receive calls. The others were forced to get all new numbers. Seems like there a few replies are from people that have zero first hand knowledge of this particular situation. But I do thank them for their feedback.

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