Voyager Scam?

My friend was messaged by someone on Instagram claiming he can make him a bunch of money if he invest in crypto through him.

I don’t know anything about crypto or bit mining but I told him it’s a scam. No way you’re gonna give some random stranger some money and you get 10% back guarantee.

He sleeps on it but he is still talking to this guy.
Now the guy is telling my friend to make a voyager account and to give him that account info……

I also have never used voyager but what is this guy’s deal?

My buddy thinks he’s gonna be rich and I’m just at a loss of how this can be legit?

The content was posted by Serpentbite on 2021-11-17 00:24:59 via reddit

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  1. Fa-ern-height451 says:

    Your friend will lose everything in his acct. Someone posted a similar situation and his entire coin base acct was emptied. Have your friend read some of the crypto scams on the sub-Reddit scams.

  2. Any rando contacting you with investment ideas is trying to scamming you.

  3. Serpentbite says:

    I’m trying to explain this to him!! I’ve showed him several posts and explain ….is it the “pig slaughtering” scam concept? He just doesn’t believe me. I can’t belive what an idiot he is….

  4. VegasOldPerv says:

    This is how you prove it is a scam: Use a compound interest calculator like this [](

    The scammer usually promises 10% return in a week, anything longer than that and it sounds too boring. Put in $1,000 as an initial investment. Enter 10% for the interest and change the interval to weekly. Just for fun, change the investment time to 5 years.

    Spoiler alert: In just 5 years with only that initial $1,000 investment, at 10% weekly they’d have enough money to single handedly pay off the national debt and still be the richest person on the world. $57,822,669,934,248

    If that sounds like a realistic scenario to your friend, then there’s no helping or convincing them that this is a scam.

  5. freshinthebox says:

    Never give strangers personal info or money. Duuuh

  6. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Yup pig butchering scam !crypto

  7. NutWrench says:

    Voyager just manages crypto accounts. It doesn’t do any investing. Ask your friend this: if someone called him up and asked him to open up a regular bank account, put money in it, then send him his bank card and pin# would he do it? Because that’s literally what this scammer is asking him to do.

  8. 97Edgewood says:

    >My friend was messaged by someone on Instagram claiming he can make him a bunch of money

    I can’t even count how many posts on this sub start like this. Lots, anyway. Pretty much every day.

    But I *can tell* you they all end like this:

    Can someone please help? He sent them/deposited all his savings, thousands of dollars, and now he can’t get it back. What can he do??

    And the sad answer to *that* is:

    Sorry. Nothing. The money is gone.

  9. Itchy_Creme says:

    Were you able to convince him not to do it?

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