“wait second my bluetooth isn’t working”

Did I just get my voice recorded for identity theft or something?
I received a call and picked it up against my better judgement and the dude said “hello my bluetooth isn’t working wait second okay hold on wait a second” and as soon as I said hello they hang up.

It sounded automated too and very run-on sentence-like. Did I just get my voice recorded for use in a scam or something?

The content was posted by ActualThrowaway7856 on 2021-10-06 19:15:24 via reddit

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  1. Nobody can steal your identity by recording your voice. And nobody is gong to need to construct an elaborate recording just to make you say “hello” when you pick up the phone.

  2. thevictor390 says:

    What, exactly, would a recording of you saying “hello” accomplish?

    It was probably supposed to connect to a person or otherwise continue but the system flaked out for one reason or another. These systems spam out hundreds of calls at once and only bring in agents after you answer (why there is often a big delay). But if no one on their end picks up it just kills the call.

  3. I came to this sub because this just happened to me. It was clearly a scam because of the heavy accent but it was weird that the call was dropped, made me feel like were deliberately stalling for some reason.

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