Walmart scam revisited – happened to me last week

Last week I woke up to suspicious pending charges from Walmart, logged in to my account and someone had used my cc to buy airpods and gopro equipment for pickup under another name in a different state. I checked my email and there were multiple new fraudulent subscription confirmation emails that kept coming for a few hours.

Luckily I was able to cancel the Walmart order before the scheduled pickup. I called that store just in case to make sure they could not complete the pickup. I’ve wiped my walmart account and changed the password, and canceled that card.

I was worried about using my walmart account in the future and a google search showed that there was a reddit thread about this exact scam two years ago. Just wanted to let everyone know that this is still going on, I doubt I’ll ever use Walmart online again as it seems pretty common.

I did also get an email the next day about a declined $7000 hot tub purchase on my Chime card. I started a chime account a while back but didn’t activate the card because I’d heard they were easy to hack. 😐 I have no idea how it could be related to the Walmart scam, if at all. I assume my info is just out there now for hacker consumption somehow and have been tirelessly changing account info everywhere I can think of. 🥴

The content was posted by wil_ash on 2021-05-23 20:00:25 via reddit

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  1. While you cannot be at fault for others crimes, you should make it less easy for them to commit fraud with your information.

    Sounds like you made some beginner in the internet mistakes 🙂

    No 2FA

    Linking payment options to accounts with VERY poor protection

    Possibly using the same pass/login for multiple sites

    Are you 100% sure they are not in your mail box … ?

    So, enable 2FA. 2FA means, 2 devices. Ideally tokens on your phone via text or app. Also, make sure that the chain ends with 2FA as well. Security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain.

    Remove saved payment options/cards from sites. It’ll protect your cards, your credit and yourself from impulse purchases as a bonus 😉

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