want a discount on something while shopping online? add it to your cart and then…

want a discount on something while shopping online? add it to your cart and then leave it there a day or two, the company will most likely email you offering a discount

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  1. Serious question here. I’m just wondering what companies do this, because I have done that countless times over the years with dozens of websites and that has never happened to me.

  2. iEATEDmyVEGGIES says:

    Yes! I do this too! Sometimes they will even send me a free shipping code.

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  4. This works with streaming services too. Sign on a free trial, cancel, then wait. Most times they will send like 50% off for a year, or some big discount for 3 months. I never need to keep more than 1 going at a time so Im always getting discount codes to try to get me back.

  5. This doesn’t happen much at all anymore. It used to happen a lot during the dawn of online shopping. Though the other day I did get an offer of reduced shipping from Gardener’s Supply if I purchased my cart.

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