Want to remain normal in the eyes of your friends

Received email with .TXT file attached titled my name.

Email reads: If u want to remain normal in the eyes of your friends, u’d better go through the file, it is about your nasty entertainment.

I don’t have any out of the ordinary nasty entertainment so I’m thinking this is just an attempt to get me to open a bad attachment, curious to hear feedback

The content was posted by therizzla8 on 2021-11-10 20:01:47 via reddit

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  1. TheLionImmortal says:

    I wouldn’t open it as it sounds like malware disguised as a .txt file. .txt files themselves aren’t inherently dangerous but if it’s from someone you don’t know then it’s 100% a virus, as the file type can be renamed e.g renaming a .exe file to a .txt file with a script or something similar.

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