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I’ve been looking into the website GovernmentAuction(.com), which sells/auctions worthless real estate and bootlegged products, or never ships them at all. This post is intended to serve as a warning to future consumers of them who are smart enough to Google them before using them. I almost fell for their scam too, especially when I was fresh out of high school. Thankfully I didn’t have the money at the time to use them so I didn’t become a victim.

• They are actually, a scam website flagged by the BBB that also operates as Government Auction Luxury, which runs as other fake Government Auction websites.

• They are improperly using the BBB’s accreditation logo on the bottom of their website. The BBB hasn’t accredited them at all, which means they are violating the BBB’s rules.

• The claims to be the “largest and most reputable land and asset live online auction company in the world” but the only websites mentioning the company are news websites and those articles on the news websites are articles written by Government Auction in the third person and then automatically published using services like PR Newswire. Essential, they appear to be faking their own reputability

• They have no office or building, the only addresses I can find lead to various LLC Agent companies that allow them to use their address for state registration purposes. They do not seem to exist outside of the internet and their internet footprint is entirely made up of self-promoting articles.

• They claim to work with local and state governments but there’s no government agency that has mentioned them or admitted to me by email or phone call to have any direct dealing with them. They seem to buy stuff from governments that are publicly for sell/auction only and then resells it. But most of their products seem to have been purchased from various thrift stores in the Tehachapi area and other areas of California.

• The owner is Paul Sabesky, but I can find no information about him nor any photos of him aside from one low quality one on a Facebook page he doesn’t use. Aside from a bankruptcy court case in the late 1990s where Wells Fargo crushed him and his wife, there’s absolutely nothing about him. That’s odd for someone that leads a “company” that claims to be the largest and most reputable.

• As mentioned before, Government Auction apparently has several names with a similar or exact website. Government Asset Auction & Government Auction Luxury are two of several. Anything with the words Government & Auction in the website title or domain appears to be Government Auction’s.

• Government Auction is directly related to, if not wholely operated under several LLC’s that exist in name only and have no website or physical office – Those supposed companies are: Finance All LLC(Registered as All Finance LLC in one state), The Land Office,, USA Land Auction, Bid4Assets, Blue Sky Acquisitions, LLC, PS LANDMAN LLC, AMATO-Y LLC and for some reason Anthony Sabastian shows up as a company name. Once again, aside from All Finance LLC, none of these companies seem to exist outside of having a name listed all owned by Paul Sabesky. So why most of them exist is unknown to me.

• None of the 3-5 people that supposedly works for Government Auction or All Finance LLC / Finance All LLC seem to even exist at all. Not even on LinkedIn. Yet they still got a covid government loan for +$100,000 for “employee salary”.

• As I said before, the things being sold by Government Auction either never shows up or are counterfeits discovered when the consumer gets them appraised by a professional.

• Finance All LLC / All Finance LLC is 100% a predatory land contract company. They buy land for $60/acre, sometimes even less, then resells/owner finances it for $12,000/acre. But the land is unbuildable, inaccessible or uninhabitable. Even real estate agents in the states they operate in say the lands aren’t even good as an Investment. The counties they have land in see the company as a pain in the ass that’s “costing both the county and consumers time and money.”

• Debbie P is the only person selling their land buying websites but there’s no photo of that so called “agent” nor is there any record of a Debbie being an employee of theirs. It is assumed that Debbie P is actually an alias of Paul Sabesky or his wife, but that part I cannot prove.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Government Auction, All Finance LLC/ Finance All LLC, and so on are run by one or two people that are great at marketing and catching suckers and those suckers tend to be the poor, elderly, those with bad credit and other vulnerable people.

But Texas and Oklahoma have rules and regulations that are specially are tough on companies like this, compared to the rest of the county, but there’s a problem with actually enforcing those laws. The people most attracted to these companies are the poor and elderly, and these people probably aren’t the types to read up on federal and state real estate laws. And the counties they operate in definitely do not have the resources or ability to make sure someone, let alone a company without an address, are in compliance with state law. Which is a well-known tactic of these types of companies for that very reason.

As one official in Jeff Davis County, Texas told me, by the time they notice, “That company cost us (their victims and our office) many hours of time consuming problems and money. Most of the time we find out of transactions after the fact.”

I’m already completing a detailed report on them that I will forward to state attorneys, Congresspersons in the districts they sell land in and various media and newspaper outlets(using the same PR aggregate services they use) – especially in California where I assume the owner lives and I’m hoping that enough attention will be brought to them that the government will target them and/or victims of their crap file a class action lawsuit.

In the meantime, this will serve as a warning to people and if anybody has been victimized by them, you don’t need to be rich to sue them. Just contact various Congresspersons, lawyers and the state attorney generals and things will eventually be handled in court.

The content was posted by Akemi_Tachibana on 2021-03-05 12:20:50 via reddit

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  1. I Felt something was not right when i mysteriously won 2 bids I called the different jurisdictions from Texas and Arkansas asking for the the delinquent taxes. When I gave the clerk the property she seem surprised and said that the property should not be sold. Because I have not sent a payment because i think it is a scam. I just received this email. “Dear Valued Customer, It has come to our attention that you participated in a auction. As of today, our records show that you have not yet paid for the items that you bid on and won. If you did pay for your items, please email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with confirmation and disregard this notice. If you have not paid for your items, we have resent your invoice that will allow you to pay for your items today. Bidding at auction is a Federal Legal Binding Contract. You are not bidding on an “option” to buy. When you bid, we try to work with all of our customers. If there is a problem paying your entire bill, please email us to make payment arrangements. We take every non-payer very seriously as this costs us a tremendous amount of money. If you choose not to pay your invoice or make some sort of arrangement with us in 2 business days, we will forward your invoice to our Collection Department and to our Legal Department immediately. Once again, we ask you to email Debbie, to make some type of arrangement to pay your invoice. We do not want to jeopardize your credit or have you incur the expensive cost of a law suit. Thank you for your attention to this serious matter. Please kindly pay your invoice today and confirm by sending an email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Sincerely, Paul A. Sabesky CEO Government Auction

  2. Ok this is awesome. A few weeks ago, I reached out to Debbie P because I saw her listed on a website as the agent selling some land in Arkansas. All of a sudden, I start getting emails with invoices indicating that I’ve “won” said land for $1,130. The email includes account and routing numbers to an address at a Bank of America in Delray Beach, FL. The address for is also listed as FL on the invoice. So far, I have received two emails with the invoice and one last one (signed by this Paul guy) threatening to ruin my credit if I don’t pay up.

    They can’t do that, right?

  3. They continue to pump out fake emails claiming a “Press release ordered government land and asset”, but they aren’t actually press releases, just ads using free and cheap websites that automatically publish articles to various news websites that are subscribed to said service.

    The land, again, isn’t government owned nor are the assets. I’m also still waiting for them to stop claiming to be a government agency on Instagram too.

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