Warrior Culture Gear – Not filling orders, just taking your money.

Warrior Culture Gear is an online clothing store that is taking peoples money and not fill orders.



Here is a copy paste of my story I posted to social media recently:

2/2020 I ordered a hat and a shirt through these guys and waited as normal obviously COVID hit and I expected some delays. 3 months later I emailed them asking about the status of the order, they replied with what I was expecting. COVID took a toll on staffing, supplies and such and I said I understood and would continue to wait. 3 months from that I message again when I noticed they were advertising the shirt I had ordered. They said they would be able to ship the shirt but not the hat because they didn’t have an embroidery guy, fine ill take that and get the hat later. No shirt ever shipped. I waited 6 months after that to message again asking for a refund as I had waited a year already. No response. I decided to ask them about it on Facebook in one of their posts and that comment was promptly deleted and my ability to comment on their Facebook page was removed. I received a shipping notification for label creation from them (this tracking number still says waiting for package from shipper) and then a reply saying they would be looking at everyone’s issue from 2020 and assessing it on an individual basis. My order was pre COVID shutdowns and in February. They should have been to my “issue” by now. I’ve since sent two more emails looking for a refund to which I’ve had no reply. If you google the company name and complaints, BBB has a lot of the same story as mine. 

Just something to keep in mind if you’ve been looking here to order. I don’t have any animosity towards the company. I’ve waited 15 months now. I just want my product or my money back.


If you go onto Yelp or BBB you can find tons of the same story from many people:


BBB – [](

Yelp – [](


Their designs look awesome and tempting but I highly suggest you look elsewhere when looking for clothing.

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  1. This has also been my experience. Ordered last September. Same story. Still have not received.
    Too old to dispute with credit card company.
    I’ve officially asked them for a refund. Ridiculous.

  2. Just sent another request for refund, now were met with a new email that basically says were not going to answer your email. Exciting news…

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