Was i just scammed?

I am in New Delhi, India. I was recently out with a friend when six men ganged up on us and asked us to donate to a langar. A langar is basically a free food service offered by gurudwaras ( sikh religious institutions).
They wouldn’t let us even move ( we were just 2 )
In the end, maybe because i was surrounded completely by these large men and the fact that they just wouldn’t even let us move, I ended up giving only ₹50
( the sheet he showed had donations as high as ₹500- but i think they were fake)
I now feel really stupid for giving in.
Is there any way I ( being a meek,smallish person) can prevent this from happening in the future?

The content was posted by Nothing_special5 on 2021-10-07 09:36:48 via reddit

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  1. Not really a scam, this is strong arm robbery

  2. ClydesdaleSlim says:

    I would tell them you have no money. And do your best to ignore them and move past them.

  3. tiny_golden_books says:

    Point behind them and yell “Hey! What’s that over there!?” and run when they turn to look in the direction you are pointing in.

    Or just be more assertive and tell them to piss off.

    Either one will do.

  4. It sounds like you were mugged/robbed.

  5. lordsofcreation says:

    Carry one of those ninja smoke bombs and use it for your exit

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