Was I scammed?

10 days ago I ordered some clothes from a online store called, Lockedbird (Lockedbird.net)
and I’m starting to realized it looks and feels sketchy. If anybody here also ordered from there, please tell me how it was. Also if I did get scammed what should I do?

The content was posted by Nyx_711 on 2020-06-26 05:51:22 via reddit

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  1. pkpearson says:

    According to whois, lockedbird.net has only existed since the end of May, and its registration information is hidden behind an anonymizing service.

  2. lightfair says:

    Domain was registered May 29th. Major red flag.

  3. When-you-get-home says:

    Can you say how you came across this site? Was it email or were you on a social media site and they popped up?

  4. FalseFaithlessness says:

    it’s a scam. look it up on this sub.

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