Was I Scammed?

Hi so I bought an expensive pair of shoes from an actual store near my city but I bought it through the online store. On my bank records it shows that it was sent to the stores PayPal account. I have the order receipt and everything. One month goes by and i still haven’t received it. I contacted Canada post and they are trying to contact the sender (the store) and they’re not getting a response. I also tried to contact them. No one answers the phone and no one answers emails, Facebook messages, Instagram messages, nothing! Covid has all the stores locked down but they’re still doing curb side pick up. At this point I feel scammed and I don’t know what to do now! Advice please:(

The content was posted by jkaitlynlalewicz on 2021-02-05 23:47:50 via reddit

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    I think it’s appropriate at this point to contact PayPal and dispute the charge.

  2. shortiz420 says:

    Go to the curbside pickup and show them your receipt and see if you can get the shoes there and then.

  3. jkaitlynlalewicz says:

    Update: I contacted the mall’s guest service desk and she’s gunna talk to them!!!!

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