Was wondering if Taphugo is legit

Looking to buy some clothes from this website https://www.taphugo.com and wanted to know if anyone else has ordered from it

The content was posted by Creabo on 2021-09-25 12:13:03 via reddit

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  1. ResidentAsylum says:

    The website is less than 5 months old and based in China.

    IF you get your order, it will be a knock-off. I would suggest avoiding altogether.

  2. All Chinese counterfeits. Compare these3 fraudulent listings.

    * https://www.taphugo.com/products/mens-modern-casual-printed-color-short-sleeve-shirt_7629

    * https://www.floryday.com/en/Men's-T-shirt-Graphic-Print-Short-Sleeve-Round-Neck-Casual-m156171185?currency=USD&country_code=US&utm_term=5776243&color=coffee&size=m

    * https://www.rinkpad.com/products/mens-modern-casual-printed-color-short-sleeve-shirt-5133540.html?from=collections

    Tons of different Chinese knockoff websites using the same images. If you’re lucky, you receive a very poor quality “iron on” version of the clothes you ordered. Or you receive nothing.

    This is a scam; do NOT order from this website

  3. You don’t have clothing stores near you ?

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