Watch out for Cody Winn Marketing

Watch out for this guy named Cody Winn. He’s known for being a liar.

There’s already a reddit post with people warning about him but when a post is over 6 months no more comments can be made.

He ripped me off with this low quality course, and today sent a text asking me to sign up for his new course. I replied back “Reddit is destroying you”, and deleted the text.

A few hours later he replies back saying it’s all 17 year olds and that he had them sign contracts.

Typical gaslighting. This is all a lie.

When he originally started his course, he was by no means transparent about the refund policy. He just started doing contracts because he was ripping off so many people. Don’t think this contract is going to protect you. You still have to meet these insane requirements.

The entire premise of his course is you pay him for basic information, and then are paying to be told to spam contact businesses. Save yourself the time and money and just get a few books on Amazon, or take a course with a real refund policy.

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  1. Assume any company with “Marketing” in the name is a scam

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