We might have been victimized by this online store


My son recently bought a hoodie, thinking this was the original brand’s website. After I saw a sketchy company name linked to an individual’s email, I emailed the seller to cancel. This was 5-10 minutes from the purchase.

I also called PayPal immediately to ask for the transaction to be blocked, but my complaint was mistakenly tagged as an “unauthorized purchase”. What are the common signs of a fraudulent website? Am I being paranoid? How can I get my money back? Thanks in advance!

The content was posted by flpdrg on 2020-09-28 00:31:37 via reddit

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  1. fabregasoak says:

    1. Ends with ship. No original website would include shop in the URL.
    2. Everything is on sale.

  2. davoodm93 says:

    Beep Boop … I’m a bot from [SEFCOM Lab](https://sefcom.asu.edu/)

    I found this link https://www.ldclothingshop.com/ in this post, and this URL seems **not legit**. This is just an AI prediction, which may be false positive. If you think my decision is **correct** please click [here](, otherwise if you think my decision is **wrong** click [here](

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