Weirdest email of my life.

I don’t know how to describe it, no subject, must be random letters formatted as words, all capitalized. Sent to several Gmail addresses in CC. Has an attachment named “Elon Musk Open 86.61.3 .htm”.

Clearly some kind of scam, maybe a ransomware try, I don’t know.
I’ll post the email text, and if I manage to download that htm on a laptop I can format without issue (in case downloading the file without opening it causes some trouble), I’ll paste the text version on pastebin and the URL here. No, I will not be double clicking on the file to open it.

The email was sent from: Jene Direnzo <[email protected]>

Email contents:
Zevefovy Noqoqojy Gire Kenu Tebepoqy Sobyxu Wopibo Neru Vonybifu
Ponohydo Jeqi Byzunek Jepyhit Sokokyq Rewyquh Potyco Resecy Dyjni
Gujexuvy Kufogi Hehivoc Socunu Dige Pohzu Qypibex Feljo Hevytory
Robyce Zoqoxe Fugugi Lyfixeqi Lypubodo Ripotijo Jobibu Cysegevi
Vigyretu Pupfe Zuxy Roboze Kylti Purojoru Sohohe Dyhopi Viji Xyhezi
Jikulupe Pivyfy Zorije Wejzy Kuqybe Kufece Tivoboh Vyhide Nixibul Jybe
Pulyrube Kudywuqe Dexotywo Civhy Lefi Rybytif Foselu Kykytir Coqygit
Xyzyfyn Jijixygo Cuvexid Tehu Fytekiby

Pastebin with contents of “Elon Musk Open 86.61.3”: [](

This post is to make others be aware of a possible scam/ransomware attempt going on, I believe no rules are being broken with this post.

I don’t have the knowledge to know what that file does, maybe someone on this sub knows more about it.

Edit: Added file contents.

The content was posted by Technopulse on 2021-10-04 11:43:19 via reddit

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  1. I received a similar email this email this morning. Out of curiosity I downloaded and opened the attached link on a vanilla VM, the link displays “live transactions” of BTC with positive comments and gives you the option to join in. From the little time I spent on the site, to me it’s harvesting BTC addresses and wallets to drain.

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