Well, I got scammed

Halfway, at least. In general I am extremely wary of scams and catch them immediately, but in this case things aligned perfectly.

I got an email on my work email at a small company, which I started only a week ago. The email was from a higher up who I had barely interacted with, they wanted me to text them about a task they needed help with. Unfortunately I was on mobile, which shows only the name and not the email address. So I texted them, and it was a fairly old scam of “I’m at a meeting with some clients and need some gift cards for them”. Long story short, they ask you to go to a grocery near you, buy some cards, then send them the codes.

This is not in my job description at all, I had just woken up, and unfortunately my mind was focused on being annoyed that they’d make me buy a large amount of gift cards on such short notice and that distracted me from considering whether I was actually speaking with someone from the company. Again, I was a very new employee and had no idea if this was a “normal” thing for the company. Gifting to clients would be a reasonable thing to expect for this company. I also get anxiety related to work very easily, and frequently think I am doing a bad job or have people mad at me for no reason. So in this situation where my new “boss” was pressuring me to do something quickly, I did not slow down to think about it much.

The employees at the store tried to warn me, and major kudos to them for that. But they were questioning whether the job was legit and whether I had actually met the “boss”, and since the job and the boss are real, I didn’t pause long enough to consider if the initial email was real. They ended up letting me buy the cards, and as soon as I got to my car it finally hit me, I checked the email address, and sure enough it was an obvious fake.

Luckily I had not sent them any codes at this point. Unfortunately what I did not know, and what may have given me more hesitation in the store, is that gift cards are not returnable. So I will have to resell them online, for as little loss as possible. I will look at this as a learning experience, both to being less gullible and to being less anxious about work-related things. Not a great outcome, and looking back at the texts now I am kicking myself because it is very obvious they are not legit. But it could have been much worse if I actually sent the codes, and at least the scammer got nothing out of it.

Tl;dr: I halfway fell for a gift card scam, didn’t get to the point of sending the codes but bought the cards and am stuck having to resell them

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  1. Yeah this wasn’t logical nor reasonable at all on any level. Purely your emotion. Lucky you got yourself in check before sending the codes.

  2. Thankfully you still have what you paid for, therefore, now what you have is an inconvenience at worst.

    This is a lesson for EVERYONE reading this:

    – Do not be passive about these texts/emails when you get them
    – Do not brush it off as “something my boss/company just does”
    – Do not ignore when others are telling you to NOT do this
    – Do not let your feelings dictate what you do/don’t do. Use your brain.

    And finally, for the love all that is unholy and impure…


  3. Good luck on reselling the cards. May I ask what they’re for? You might have people here that would be interested. 🤷‍♀️who knows how disliked and why?

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