Well, I’ve heard of the Dim of Sum…

We are to Notify you about the latest development concerning your payment that is left in our custody, besides,you are given **a bill of Sum** in order to receive your payment of $12,000,000 usd which we didn’t hear from you for some time now. Hence,we are now offering a New  BONUS to help all our customers that are having their payment in our custody due to high prices. In other words we are now requesting that you should pay only the sum of $80 to receive funds for your payment abandoned in our custody by online transfer or ATM card if you wish so.

Therefore you are requested to send the fee $80 only by  Google Play CARD,amazon’ Steam Wallet is also ACCEPTED because it can be redeemed to cash all we needs is picture of the card only

Be advised that the bank has already created an on-line transfer with the account that opened in your favor this afternoon in which the $12,000,000 of your funds has been transferred to the account that our bank opened in your favor. The on-line banking account details are as follows.

    Welcome! To – Royal Bank Of Canada (RBC) Secure Account Page
    Account Name

     Account Type
      Online Banking Account
     Created Opened

I will be forwarding to you the account logging details to enable you access your funds online and proceed on transfer to your designated bank account in any part of the world Or Tracking Number Of Your ATM Card Delivery to enable you Monitor the Arrived of your ATM without any further delay as soon as you update us copy of Google play card of the required Fee $80 to take note.

     Yours Faithfully,
     MR D

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  1. makeanameforme says:

    You lucky S.O.B. How do I get in on it?

  2. 97Edgewood says:

    I’m glad you held out until they lowered the fee from $200 to $80. That’s what I call smart dealing!

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