Westendexpress: A scam?

Hi all,

So I’ve recently been notified a package from [https://westendlogistics.live/en/#](https://westendlogistics.live/en/#) – I’m expected to pay $850 in customs and fees as the package came from abroad (from the US to Thailand, where I live). I apparently have to pay ahead of time before they deliver it to me because of the overall value of the package. The tracking number I was sent checks out, but there have been no formal receipts or anything: just text emails.

There are several red flags here:

– Again, emails with no formal receipt or process. Plus the email messages are formatted in an odd way and contain some grammatical/spelling errors. They’re clearly not auto generated.

– The website is a wordpress site and it’s not fully functional. Certain links don’t work.

– I can’t find any physical office location online.

– I have encountered only one other post of someone who has been scammed: [https://scam.delivery/review/westendlogistics-net-delivery-scam-review](https://scam.delivery/review/westendlogistics-net-delivery-scam-review)


What are you thoughts on this? I’m 95% certain this is a scam but just wanted to ask the internetz :p

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  1. C01n_sh1LL says:

    What’s in the package? How long ago did you order it? Because you totally ordered a package, and weren’t contacted out of the blue by a random benefactor who wants to send you a huge shipment of treasure, right?

  2. 97Edgewood says:

    This sort of shipping scam also shows up in some romance scams: The scammer is sending an expensive gift (often along with cash) to the victim and then it turns out there are very expensive customs fees/taxes/insurance/random fees to pay before the package can be delivered.

    It’s great you found the whole thing fishy from the get go.

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