what are yalls thoughts. scam or not?

what are yalls thoughts. scam or not?

The content was posted by Glittering-Ice-6941 on 2021-10-08 18:06:02 via reddit

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  1. sweetsazzy99 says:

    Big scam, no sugar daddy/mom are ever going to make you send first. A legit one would have expendable income and never make you prove.

  2. Randymarsh29 says:

    Ofcourse its a scam lol

  3. Malipuppers says:

    100% a scam. Good way for you to loose $100

  4. Goflyakitescammers says:

    No woman ever needs to pay someone to be their !sugar baby. Heck even my fat old ass, I have plenty of free offers from guys wanting be my boy toy!

  5. Randymarsh29 says:

    No she really wants you bro go ahead and be her baby

  6. Oh god. I just looked at your post history. 🤦‍♂️ that is not how women work at all

  7. JizosKasa says:

    dont trust her, tell her to give you 200$ and you’ll give her 100 back, so that you know if the money are real

  8. Looks legit go ahead and ship the hundo

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