What do I do I’m scared

So on Friday I was bored and I was going through a dating app. I messaged an 18 year old girl that lived about 25 minutes away. She only had a couple pictures for profile looked a little shady but I figured I did message her anyways and see what’s the worst that can happen. Immediately she replies do you want to text. We start texting her number is a local number and like I said she didn’t live far from me. Almost immediately she start sending me pictures of her and her underwear. At this point I’m stoked she’s tying a cute thinking I hit the jackpot I’m going to have some fun. She sent me some more pictures and some videos and she asked me to send a dick pic. So I do this cuz at this point I’m just thinking with my little head. We talked for a while things are getting extremely sexual. Then she tells me she’ll be 17 in a week. I’m like what the hell that would have been good to know right off the bat. Then she tells me it’s cool because of age of consent. Then she sends a ton of pictures to my phone without me asking and then ghosted me. I don’t hear anything until this morning when I get a text from her phone and it’s a man claiming to be her father. He says this is the girl’s father and that I’m going to jail for CP and trying to have sex with his daughter. I start to have a hard time breathing and I think my life is going to be over and this guy wants me to call him. I turn off my phone and I’m freaking out and I start looking up stuff on the computer. And I seen that this could be a possible scam I hope to God this is a scam. When I turn my phone on the dad left a bunch of texts and messages. I have not responded back to him at all. Is this a scam or I actually in trouble. what makes me think this could be real is the number is from my area but when I go back to the dating profile it is deleted.

What should I do I’m honestly terrified for my life?

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  1. ResidentAsylum says:

    This is the classic underage scam. There is no “girl” and no “father”.

    Ignore, block and move on.

  2. This is a very old scam. The best thing you can do is to block them from contacting you / ignore all future contacts with them. There is no father, no underage girl, just some scamming loser sitting in an Internet cafe sending messages like this to people all day.

    It’s weird and scary but you didn’t do anything wrong and you don’t have anything to worry about.

    In the future, don’t send raunchy pics of yourself, at least not ones that have your face visible. There’s another type of scam where the guy will ask for those photos and then threaten to send them to your family or whatever so it’s better to just avoid that situation entirely than deal with the aggravation.

  3. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    !underage scam. Block them and stay off social media for a bit. Oh, and read the 1000’s of similar stories about this scam on this sub to see that NOTHING happened to the posters.

  4. >she asked me to send a dick pic. So I do this cuz …

    c’mon man

  5. This is perennially one of the most, **if not the most**, common scams reported on here

  6. Just block the number and ignore them. You did nothing wrong and she withheld her age till afterwards. I’d use reverse image search on google and test one of the photos for stock photo. I’ve had 2 friends claim the same. One of them replied that they were underage too and then it stopped lmao, it’s like a way to entrap older people. Nothing ever did happen to my friends and again, same exact story.

  7. Goflyakitescammers says:

    It’s easy to get a local number. I have 5 different texting apps with numbers all across the USA. Three of the apps, I can change the number daily if I want. Do what everyone is saying ignore, block, and delete. Don’t engage or respond in any way. They will go away eventually. Most of all Breath and calm down.

  8. DragonflyNo1733 says:

    Delete the app and use bumble or tinder. Any other dating app I wouldn’t even bother with.

  9. ImParticleMan says:

    Call his bluff. Tell him you don’t have time for his petty games. He already knows what you’re working with. Either she’s taking it in the ass or he is, his decision and force him to decide quickly. You’ll probably never see someone ghost you as quickly as scammers being messed with

  10. JumpinJackTrash42 says:

    She told you she was 18 and you have written proof. And it’s probably some dude in Nigeria.

  11. Zealousideal_Win146 says:

    I think you are liable because of your duck pik.

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