What do you call this specific scam?

Between Scammer, Victim and Crypto Trader

1. Scammer will setup a store in social media or online markets
2. Victim will buy a product
3. Scammer will use the bank details of the Crypto Trader he found in some trading site and send it to the Victim
4. Victim will, unknowingly, transfer the payment to the bank details of the Crypto Trader
5. Crypto Trader will send converted crypto currencies to the Scammer
6. Victim will get nothing and Crypto Trader is being blamed

(Hope you get it)

Edit: These are foreign scammers by the way pretending to be locals. They will find victims locally and also find local crypto traders from international trading sites. So the victims can easily send money through local banks and the Scammers can hide their identities

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  1. It makes ABSOLUTELY no sense. If a victim sends funds as cryptocurrency, then they could send the funds DIRECTLY to the scammer. There is no need for a middleman or a “Crypto Trader”.

  2. I am sorry, but I cannot understand what’s happening here. How is the victim paying for the “product” that they hope to purchase (eg. cash, credit card, cryptocurrency, bank wire transfer, Zelle, CashApp, PayPal, gift card codes, etcetera)? What do you mean when you say that the victim will “transfer the payment to the bank details of the Crypto Trader”? What kind of transfer, what kind of bank details?

  3. curious to know as it may also be part of the romance scam where the romantic girl (mostly) will ask the bank details of the male who is also has a crypto trading account to be given to her uncle or aunt or brother (who are again part of same romance scam). The money received will always be tagged or carry a reference as wither ‘Charity’ or ‘for xxx’ (where xxx is the name of the scammer).
    No matter how easy it is to open a bank account these days (online or app based) they will not open any as they are not local and will request the Crypto Trader (one of their scam victim) to convert it to bitcoins and send to their wallet address.

    Any request, dont send the bank details or agree to convert money and send to them… even if you are called names and all… Contact the Action Fraud or Scam Alert agency of your local government in your country and report to them and block the user.

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