What In the heck scam is this ?

What In the heck scam is this ?

The content was posted by ijustliketoeat on 2021-10-12 12:06:57 via reddit

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  1. thewindinthewillows says:

    It seems like that “comedycalls.com” thing is a site where you can order “prank calls” to be made to others. The one you received is the first one [here](https://www.comedycalls.com/#romance).

    So apparently your voicemail recorded that call, and then a message at the end explaining that it was a “prank”.

  2. marplanauta says:

    My humble advise is to ignore, block, delete and repeat as necessary!😂

  3. ijustliketoeat says:

    My Google voice messes things up basically some “guy” talking about someone calling his gf then some weird laugh at the end and “you got a comedy call someone you know sent you this if you don’t want anymore go to comedycalls.com” etc etc

  4. amyaurora says:

    Comedycalls is a prank calling website. Looks like someone entered the scam message into it. The disclaimer at the end of the message gives away where the call really came from.

    Looking through their list shows they have a lot of options.

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