what is this scam

Waddup is this Malik? iťs Kylée.. we špoké óň Človéř lašt time I came up tó chill with mý grándmá búť we nevéř connécťed 4 coffée. Im bačk in town 4 now if u want 2 áctually meet up whilé I’m here, aré u úp 4 it? 😍

Got this text lol what is their goal

The content was posted by amesaroni on 2021-11-11 07:12:13 via reddit

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  1. That’s a typical !wrongnumber scam. Their aim is for you to respond, then the bot will use a script and try to get you to a adult cam website or phishing website.

  2. Weird accented letters are there to bypass your text message app filter control. It’s a bot. Please don’t reply. Just delete and block.

    If you reply, you confirmed to scammers that your number is active. This will lead to unwanted calls and texts.

  3. Crabby_Appleton says:

    Its the Mandy bot. The goal is to entice you to enter your credit card number on her cam site or “dating verification” site.

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