What kind of scam is this?

What kind of scam is this?

The content was posted by Unbalanced_Milkyway on 2021-10-08 05:19:27 via reddit

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  1. rinrin115 says:

    A Woodman John with a David Gonzalez signature. He’s an extra special agent.

  2. Fadedgemstone says:

    “Special Agent”? Holy shit, FedEx has become so large it is now employing its own version of the CIA!

  3. “since all this days”

    This clerical speak always confuses me.

  4. MitchMiller2021 says:


  5. iambrutally says:

    FedEx people are never allowed to know the contents of the packages they send to and from places, ever. They scan packages for suspicious products and those are put to the side sure, but they’d never know if you had lottery winnings in the mail.

    That obvious point aside and the fact that he has his name printed as John Woodman with a David Gonzalez signature as well, I have to point out the poorly done photoshop job that the scammer did as well. That fine solid black outline around the ID card as well as the barcode being too far above his fingers which would create a nasty huge waste of white space. Actually I think they used MS Paint to type the fake names on that card. Look at the damage done to the F in FedEx.

    It’s a scam, and as stupid as it looks, people fall for it still ALL THE TIME. The elderly who lose their fluid thinking skills, the stupid who actually think they will get rich by a stroke of luck, and the desperate who are hurting with the way times are currently. Makes me want to punch the scammer in the face.

  6. UnhappyDirection8599 says:

    the typical !advance scam, somewhat sad that people still fall for it even if it is a very old one

  7. A FedEx “special agent?” Seriously?

    Licensed to ship!

  8. Intrepid_Instance870 says:

    I can imagine FED EX special agents being like a bunch of dudes waiting at ur door trying to get ur signature then after that they go back to their truck walk back out and back to ur front door to ring on ur door bell and all you see are 4 guys dressed in black holding dildo bats and they need ur signature.

  9. LOL “ All this days”

  10. Ecstatic_Salary6970 says:

    I would not trust that fake Edward James Olmos

  11. tiffanylan says:

    Kindly, do not get back to him and this is 💯scam

  12. This is precious. Crooked-ass name on the ID (along with all the already mentioned ridiculousness).

    I have yet to get a text scam with a pic but I’ve gotten the “A transacti0n was blocked. Follow this link…”

  13. John W. Is crooked too.

  14. fitzlegodc says:

    He’s John Woodman but he’s under cover. He has a hard time keeping these different identities straight so that’s why he has to have both names on his special agent badge. It’s just gratifying to know that John got that secret agent job he dreamed about as a youngster.

  15. I see Gus Fring got a new job at FedEx.

  16. NoDollarDamus says:

    Isn’t john woodman a porn producer of low repute?

  17. Crabby_Appleton says:

    You know how scams are designed to weed out all but the most stupid and gullible people as victims? This is Exhibit A.

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