What scam is this? Selling on Facebook marketplace and this “prospective buyer” is desperate for my phone number. Does not seem normal.

What scam is this? Selling on Facebook marketplace and this “prospective buyer” is desperate for my phone number. Does not seem normal.

The content was posted by nellerz34 on 2021-10-03 22:26:24 via reddit

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  1. amyaurora says:

    I can only guess. Maybe claim a Google Voice or such with your number. “Thanks for your number. Before I call you, message me the code that will appear which will confirm you are a real person.”

  2. Wow he is incredibly persistent.

  3. ValleyWoman says:

    After the second request and deflection, I would block.

  4. AnArChIsTGaMeR101 says:

    I wonder what if you kept giving wrong numbers such as police and law enforcement.

  5. StacyP_44 says:

    Scam. There’s no need for them to have your cell number.

  6. Miss_Mermaid1 says:

    They are trying to get you off the platform so they can begin their scam. Could be a any number of scams – bc they all start this way – getting you off the platform.

  7. Princessluna44 says:

    They are trying to take you off-platform, where you lose protections. Block and report to FB.

  8. just give them a fake number and see what they do

  9. I usually give them a number to a local McDonald’s or Pizza Hut.

  10. He wants your cell number to A) take you off platform because his messenger account is going to be banned soon as he’s scamming dozens of people at the same time B) he wants to sign up for an account that requires a US based cell phone number and he’s going to enter your phone number as his. Then you will get a code to confirm ownership, he will ask for it.

  11. Probably just trying to take you off to another platform so that Facebook’s protections don’t apply. I’d ignore/block em immediately.

  12. Mycologist_Murky says:

    “Ok but messenger is-”

  13. Ill_Maintenance8161 says:

    That happened to me once. The same BS, I want to buy your item but send me your phone number.

    So I messaged back to call 1800eatshit. Then I blocked them.
    The moment I feel something is off I block them.

  14. XDG-Diggz74 says:

    Definitely not normal.

  15. stee_stee_ says:

    I wouldnt have even continued messaging with this person…just ignore and block people like this. Legit buyers would get straight to the point, offer a price, and a location to meet up.

  16. JoeTwoBeards says:

    Yes they will try to send you a Google code and reset your phone number so they can somehow reset your password. It’s an attempt to bypass 2-factor authentication.

  17. TopperMadeline says:

    Please give them your cell phone number.

    People, I’m making fun of them asking over and over.

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