What to do about scammer who doesn’t know that I know?

Throwaway account so they can’t see this post from my account.

Some guy goes around from subreddit to subreddit offering them rare and valuable things related to that subreddit’s hobby. He tried to sell me some rare stuff at very low prices. Sent me a pic through imgur: brand new account, no posts. Reddit history is sparse, and when I checked his comments, someone was trailing all of his comments and responding “this guy is a scammer!”

Messaged the guy who commented under all the scammers comments, said he gets PMs asking about the scammer daily.

The scammer doesn’t know that I know. How can I use this situation to make his life miserable?

The content was posted by throwawaysheit on 2021-10-06 19:13:49 via reddit

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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    I mean you could try posting this to r/scambait and get advice from them

  2. HerbertBohn says:

    bait him. set him up for a some thing for nothing and make him drive to the middle of nowhere.

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