What’s going on with this? I’ve sold many things on fb marketplace, never have been asked for my cell phone number, all communication was through messenger. 3 people asked for some kind of cell phone verification, am I unaware of some fb scam?

What’s going on with this? I’ve sold many things on fb marketplace, never have been asked for my cell phone number, all communication was through messenger. 3 people asked for some kind of cell phone verification, am I unaware of some fb scam?

The content was posted by absolutelycrabby on 2021-11-08 02:11:34 via reddit

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  1. you-a-hot-tea says:

    They are trying to create some type of burner account to be used in other scams. Once you give them the verification code sent to your phone number, they use that to confirm the account. Total scam.

  2. UnencryptedTriumph says:

    There’s one incident reported to Authorities in Philippines recently, It is called “Sim Card Swap Scam” where the attacker will report your number/Phone to be stolen and they will request for a replacement on your behalf from your telecom provider. Once the transaction is successful, attacker will use your mobile number to use it for OTP and for other financial gains or transaction that requires your mobile number.

  3. Yes, they want the verification code to impersonate you and your cell. That gives them another outlet to scam others and you would be on the hook.

    They also do it for lost pets. “Send me the code to prove you are real before I send you pictures of your dog.”

  4. Huddlestone says:

    !google voice scam. The first was likely a google voice scam and the second was the pin verification scam.

  5. SnowEdaze says:

    I’ll tell you what they are up to, but first I’ll need your cellphone number…

  6. It is way worse than comments below…

    The “verification code” is from Google and they’ll use the code you give them to change the password on your gmail account… and once they have that, they can access lots of things.

    This has potential to be a very dangerous scam.

  7. Scam. I’ve been blasted by one of those accounts in the past as well. Very annoying

  8. sakotowski says:

    I don’t sell on Facebook but most platforms are designed to remove the need for personal
    Information while still keeping the transaction fair.

  9. Lots of possible explanations:

    * they want to hack you on FB to send spam to your friends (for example, ask to lend them money)
    * also they may sell your info to other scammers who send fraudulent text messages with dangerous links
    * they want to hack your account to create ads with stolen credit card details (it happened with me once)
    * or the worse is that someone is targeting you for identity theft to apply for some Government benefits or loans (there were lots of such cases with PPP loans)

    So it’s a good thing that you just ignored those scammers!

  10. i_love_the_usa1776 says:

    !Facebook marketplace scam

  11. ZebraSpot says:

    They’re trying to get you to give them a security code associated with your phone number.

  12. Psalm1267 says:

    They are trying to break in to your e-mail or some other account that requires that you verify a code that you receive on your phone. So the code gets sent to you when they try to log in to your account, and you send them the code, and then they can log in.

    It could be your Amazon, your e-mail, your google account, or any other account that requires 2FA. In the EU, it could also be your Visa or MasterCard because now that also requires 2FA.

  13. lifevicarious says:

    Give them the local police departments phone number.

  14. I_am_always_here says:

    I usually give my number once I have arranged a meet-up, it helps to have the buyer text me to know when they are arriving, or if they are running late etc. It has been helpful. Not everyone has FB messenger on their cell, or pay for non-wifi data.

    If I understand this correctly, the scammer doesn’t send a PIN via text, they have the cell or other company do this in your name, and then when you give them that PIN, then they can take over your account via 2FA?

    I always assumed it was just data mining, asking for your phone, address and email in order to sell this info to Spammers.

  15. UnusualPete says:

    Asking for the phone number is still a common practice in my country, mainly because people are old fashioned, but I never heard of “post verification”.

    Scammers are sad and strange little men…

  16. You need your own burner phone number like Google Voice or TextNow to prevent most scams.

    (Disposable phone numbers that that can receive calls/texts except for verification codes.)

  17. MasterLands says:

    Yeah there a whole lot of scams out there

  18. DirtyRiver2006 says:

    Why U selling that nice chair so cheap

  19. Sadly it’s a scam

  20. PirateShorty says:

    Same thing happened to me. Definitely a scam, don’t do it.

  21. The second one : Account recovery procedure involves getting a verification code sent to your phone linked to your account, the second part of this involves you giving them your verification code and wham, they have your account.

  22. NovaMagic says:

    Shit you’re supposed to use messenger? I been giving my cell phone number

  23. yourfriendlydev says:

    Wait. For real? I usually ask for the phone number just so that I can call the person quickly and ask for the details.

  24. WeGotThis365247 says:

    It’s a scam stay away peace

  25. pilotplater says:

    yeah the verification number part does it for me

    I’ve never sold on marketplace using a cell number, but I guess it’s not that weird. There is zero reason for some random person to send you a verification code.

  26. Hey OP. I just wanted to say , if the person offers to pick up in cash in text and doesn’t do some funny stuff ide say it’s real because I ask people to text me outside of Facebook market pretty often , either because they do not respond well in the chat like messages not getting seen or if it’s something that seems to good to be true and I’m not a scammer . Just thought Ide put that out there that it’s very common in my experience ; edit ; reading through the other replies( don’t hate me lol ) I see this isn’t common but I don’t like messenger it doesn’t run very well on my phone but to be safe itde probably be best to avoid this buyer and I’m gonna try sticking with messenger from now on

  27. WeepingSomnabulist says:

    This is all over Craigslist and FB marketplace, unfortunately. Try to sell anything and you’ve got a line of assholes trying to pull some kind of scam. You’re lucky to get one person who really wants the thing you’re trying to sell.

  28. Head2Toe-HappyEnding says:

    +I Cornered me a dude in Vegas who works for the City of Vegas, he steals products from the city, and sells them on FB. He deleted his account then transferred everything over to his kids account….

    dude is dumb.

  29. sofia1_11 says:

    I’ve seen a lot of scams similar to this. My cousin fell for one through WhatsApp: a scammer, impersonating a company, contacted him regarding the verification of his purchase and told him they were going to send a code and all he had to do was send it back to them. The scammers were trying to steal his WhatsApp account by inserting his phone number into a new phone and all they needed to get into his account was that 6 digit number WhatsApp sends via SMS to the phone number being used to create the account. He gave them the code, they got into his account (consequently locking him out) and the scammers started going through his contacts asking for money. Luckily no one sent anything. They tried the same thing with my mom but I was around to tell her not to send anything.

  30. JugglerCameron says:

    I’ve exchanged phone numbers with fb sales usually when my wife will end up being the one home when they come for it also I don’t always see fb messages right away I do see texts. I’ve never thought it odd when doing the deal I still list it sold on fb and give them feedback. But never to verify they are real or vise versa.

  31. Mongaloiddummy says:

    Wow, I might of fell for this one. I probably would of asked for her number. I have a sibling that on marketplace all of the time.


  32. TheDon98-5 says:

    Yeah, so I used to give out my number sometimes because I figured it was some sort of convenience to them, especially since Messenger won’t notify me of received messages. However in April 2020, after I gave out my number to a buyer, called, met up and finished the transaction, a day later I started receiving spam texts averaging three texts a day and an occasional phone call with no one on the other line. What got me is that the numbers either originated in California or New York.

    I didn’t correlate the two, but then I started to after realizing that I’ve had my number for three years at the time and I never received a spam text. I never contacted and confronted the buyer because I knew he would deny it. From late summer to the start of winter, the texts seem to be less frequent; I went almost a month of October with no text or calls. They started to pick up again until I put my number on hold earlier this year due to moving countries for work.

  33. shammgawdd says:

    they are trying to get your phone number for the password reset, the one associated with your account

  34. Warren_Bluffed says:

    The use of a beautiful woman as an avatar is typical for scammers.

  35. So I’m just wondering, isn’t there apps and stuff that can generate numbers all day long? Or is every single scam call I’ve gotten has been from a number that someone gave a verification code for?

    My mom use to use an app that gave her a specific number and she was always forgetting her logins and making a new account once a week where they would generate her a new number.

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