What’s with these phone calls who say you called them?

Got a call from random numbers 5-6 times this year. They call me and say that they received a missed call from this number. After I tell them that I didn’t call them, they say ok, then it must be a wrong number or whatever and we part ways.

Since they don’t ask for my name or any personal information(80% of the time. Might ask who is this for curiosity purposes if they genuinely received a call from my number), I don’t see it being a phishing call for information collection. What other reason could be there that I might be receiving these calls?

I believe there are services that make your number appear on their caller ID and someone might be using such a service and call random people with my number. But can there be anything else to this?

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  1. Noone-of-consequence says:

    It is almost certainly someone just spoofing random numbers and yours just happens to be one of them.

  2. teratical says:

    Scammers regularly spoof the number. That’s standard practice and very easy. They’re calling from a different country but picking numbers that look ‘nearby’ (area code + prefix), hoping to increase the odds that the mark will pick up thinking it’s a legit local call.

    In this case, they used your number as the display number. When these people called back the number on their caller ID, that get you, the true owner of that phone.

    We’ve reached an odd place where the closer the number on your caller ID is to yours, the more likely it’s spoofed:

    same area code = decent chance it’s a spoofed scam

    same area code + next three digits (prefix) = 99% scam

    same first 9 digits = 100% scam

    People should ignore all unknown numbers and certainly not call back or report those numbers (you’d be reporting your innocent neighbors; we see people here doing that on occasion and try to talk them out of it).

  3. quavertail says:

    Yeah, scammers and cold call sales companies mimic your number. Not much you can do that I know of, it’s happened to me both ways.

  4. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Scammers will often spoof a number. So if you get a call from someone saying you called them, it is probably because you were the lucky winner of having your number spoofed that day! Just be polite and hope they are as well.

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