Whatsapp crypto scam from asian number

Hey guys!

This is my first time ever posting , so let me know if I’m messing up in any way.

So I know there is a few posts around here about crypto scams on WhatsApp, either starting there or through Tinder first and then moving to Whatsapp.

I’m hoping my post will not only raise awareness, but perhaps there might be a way to scam the scammers. I’m not sure, but perhaps someone here with more knowledge than me can chime in.

My story begins being contacted directly through WhatsApp by a very pretty Chinese girl, always around my age and slightly shorter than me. The first time I came across this scam they were messaging Steve for a trip to see the northern lights, this time it was George about a trip to the garment factory. I always try to be polite because I never know if it’s a real person with a real issue, but near the third day, something about trading pops up and that’s where it all starts.

The weird thing is that this time they didn’t ask me to use a special link to make an account in some platform, they haven’t asked me to buy Bitcoin, to invest or put any type of money (yet..) I’ve simply been asked to please help them manage their trades because there is a supplier emergency, and she will not be able to open and close the trades on time.

I’ve been asked to download MetaTrader 4 (legit trading app from app my store, no link) and log in to the following broker: VPMarketsGlobalLive
Now.. a quick online search and a few giant red flags about VPMarkets pop up.. people who have invested with this “broker” and now cannot withdraw any money.. but if they’re not asking me to put money in, what can be their catch? I’m guessing that 1) as soon as I log in, I’m f*cked. That it’ll register the log-on device, IP address, location, anything that will let them point a finger at me and take the blame for whatever they are doing. Or 2) They will ask me to make trades for them, and if they go south, report the account as stolen, show who “stole” it, get reinsured for their money and I get in trouble.
Either way I think I’ll be in deep trouble, much more than simply losing some money to a fake investment guru or whatever.

My thoughts: If the account legitimately holds capital of any sort, crypto or otherwise, this could be a big opportunity to strike at them and withdrawal as much as possible, as quick as possible. Perhaps even find those who got scammed by them before and return what is theirs. I could probably ask a friend living in another country to access this account with a secondary (or disposable) phone, something holding no private information whatsoever, using a VPN and any other methods of cloaking possible as to not be tracked and traced back to anyone and try this out.

I’d honestly love to hear your thoughts and comments on this matter. My apologies for this being such a long post, I’m just trying my best to explain this situation at its fullest.

Best regards,
Sweet-Squirrel… Or whatever name Reddit gave me.

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    >perhaps there might be a way to scam the scammers

    There isn’t. People really need to let that go.

    !crypto scam

    And now you need to watch for !recovery scammers if you actually lost any money.

  2. Neptune_Lord says:

    Since you haven’t sent any money or accepting any deal, just mark them as scammers and block them.

    Do not attempt to launch cyber attacks against scammers unless:

    * You are an information security professional.
    * It is legal for you to launch cyber attacks against illegal activities.
    * You have plenty of spare time OR it is your legal occupation to investigate into online scammers.

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