WhatsApp Scam??

So basically this has happened to be four times in total (twice today). Someone will contact me (usually from China or Taiwan) saying that they are at the airport in my city and need me to pick them or (that I was ordered to pick them up by someone). I tell them not not contact me again, sometimes I will get more unsolicited pictures, sometimes they are friendly and then sometimes they get quite hostile.

I am just wondering, is this a scam? What kind of scam is this? how do I get them to stop contacting me?


The content was posted by aintnokullbakgirl on 2021-10-12 02:20:33 via reddit

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  1. What do they usually say after you reply “stop contacting me” or “you got the wrong person”?

  2. marplanauta says:

    Ignore, block, delete and repeat!

  3. I (maybe?) [found the person](https://www.instagram.com/p/CTKvqwdBzqf/) who took the original picture. Or at least a source for it. Supposedly from a entrepreneur who owns a bunch of bars that likes to show his lifestyle to his 31k fake followers.

    I’ll admit that I’m very confused about the scam though. How is it even supposed to work?

  4. Princessluna44 says:

    Don’t respond, block, and ignore.

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