Why do scammers send you to the store to buy giftcard codes and not just have you buy them online?

Why do scammers send you to the store to buy giftcard codes and not just have you buy them online?

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  1. Usually because the ones that do are heavily targetted toward elderly or tech ignorant folks and there’s usually a language barrier as well.

    Explaining how to drive to the store and buy a card is probably easier than finding a place online for them to buy. Especially when you consider that those individuals may not have an account with someplace like Amazon or any online retailer at all at which point they would have to walk through that entire process as well.

  2. Online payments can be voided, and that typically voids the digital gift cards as well. If they redeem a code, and the payment is later withdrawn, their account goes into the negative until they fill the balance. Not what they want to do 😉

    It also leaves a very clear path to the scammer when they collect a digital card, since the code is directly tracable from transaction A (purchase) to B (collecting).

    A paper card code can be re-traded, and it has no link with the payment typically.

  3. If a person tried to buy high dollar gift cards online they are going to hit a lot of fraud rules regardless of bank. It is just a common cash out point for card thieves which fraud teams have been used to for years. In person is different because if using an EMV card whether that is paired with a PIN or no PIN is a trusted transaction. This is because the cryptogram changes with each attempt making it known that the issued card performed the transaction. At best this would be classified as lost/stolen if a claim was filed, but even so lost/stolen is a fraction of the cases compared to counterfeit. If the fraud rules are checking the ARQC correctly then it leaves 2 scenarios. Either you lost the card, or you’re being deceptive.

    Sometimes these scams do ask for card information. The Indian based scams have hundreds of cookie cutter payment portal websites which may or may not be 3DS. The Nigerian based scams almost exclusively ask for gift cards and will direct you to the closest store selling them.

    Source- Me (Fraud Manager)

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