Why does it seem police never catch scammers

Why does it seem like police never catch scammers or take it seriously when you’ve been scammed doesn’t even seem like they actually try to look for the guy they just treat you like you should have known better and don’t really do anything what are your guys experiences or thoughts on this

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  1. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Because it is so difficult to actually catch the scammers. They are in other countries. They make a lot of money and police in those countries are very bribable.

  2. Most of them are operating overseas making it unlikely that they can be arrested. In addition, a lot of scams are for relatively low amounts of money so it is hard to get significant jail time/punishment for the scammers even if they are caught and convicted of a crime. Most of the time, a scammer will only get busted if they steal a large amount of money or steal from a large number of people who are willing to come forward. If it’s just, “I sent my bitcoin to a stranger pretending to be a Chinese girl” then it’s hard to really do much with that.

  3. Because most scams are so obvious, and most scammers are overseas and can’t be traced.

  4. EndangeredPootis says:

    Cause they are located in foreign countries who 1. Dont care if it damages other nations, and 2. Police that is too corrupt to get anything done

  5. Crabby_Appleton says:

    The FBI has a daily press release on convicting scammers.

  6. bridgerberdel says:

    Notice how you never see Spiderman and Peter Parker in the same room?

  7. I’d rather the police focus their resources on dangerous local criminals than some anonymous scrub that tricks gullible people into sending them money

  8. ArcherOne8260 says:

    Because maybe THEY are the scammers 🤔🧐 hmm

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