Why does scammer insist I add her on her other WhatsApp number?

Today I received a random WhatsApp text from an unknown +63 number (with the DP of a pretty Japanese girl), asking if I’m still in Australia and she wants to visit 🥰🥰 Obvious scam, right? I decided to play along. I’m a girl, but I know this phone number used to be owned by an Aussie dude called Brad.

After telling her the borders are firmly closed to international arrivals, she proceeded to apologise and say she messaged the wrong person. Introduced herself as a Japanese girl living in HK, and asked what city I’m from. Shockingly, she is due for a business trip to the same city I’m from at the end of the year! Wants to meet for coffee.

She then says, “Oh I almost forgot, this is my work number, I don’t use it outside of work. Add me on my private number.” I’m not sure many people will use a pool pic as a work profile picture but okay.

I asked her to add me instead, and she insisted she “can’t find me”. I refused to add her, and said she can add ME if she wants to. She tried again and again to make me add her, but I acted dumb. Then she said “If you don’t want to add me, then I don’t want to talk anymore. I don’t want to explain. Bye.”

Question is, why is she so adamant that I add her?

The content was posted by dustypink_ on 2021-11-11 07:26:05 via reddit

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  1. Often (not in this case) scammers will have dating profiles. They want to move conversations off platform so they won’t get reported for scamming.


    Experts feel welcome to chime in here, but I understand Whatsapp has some kind of end to end encryption and no moderation… Or something like that, which makes it great for scammers.

  2. cgknight1 says:

    Is it someone else higher up controls that other number and they simply get a finder’s fee and have no ability to add you.

  3. bee_administrator says:

    Japanese “girl” living in HK but is contacting you from a +63 number, which is the code for the Philippines.

    Not sure why he would be trying to get you onto a different whatsapp account, unless the initial one was stolen or hacked or something.

    Either way, this sounds like the setup for a pig butchering scam.

  4. This will lead to !crypto scam.

    Random WhatsApp message with pretty Asian girl in profile is a bloke from Nigeria

  5. Georgerobertfrancis says:

    I bet different “employees.” One is the “recruiter” who manages the bot and identifies approved targets. The new number will be the person assigned to your case.

  6. Why are you chatting with a scammer

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