Wife fell for the classic iTunes scam; I caught it right before she was about to send the codes. Any chance we can get our money back?

So the title pretty much tells the story; my wife got an email from someone claiming to be an older woman from our church (with an email address very close to hers) asking my wife to buy $300 in iTunes gift cards and then send “her” the codes so “she” could use them for her “niece” as a “birthday present” (“she” claimed to be out of town and assured my wife that she would repay the money when “she” came back). Naturally I asked if she knew for sure that it was actually this lady asking for them, so she called her, and of course, it wasn’t. The lady had already apparently been tipped off several times and answered the phone with something like “Don’t buy the gift cards”. Now my wife is super embarrassed that she fell for such an obvious scam; fortunately we are wealthy and aren’t going to be hurt financially by this so I told her it’s a learning experience and not to feel bad about it. Thank God this didn’t happen a year and a half ago when we could barely pay our bills and eat.

Unfortunately, by the time I found out about it, my wife had already bought three $100 Apple gift cards at Walmart and removed the label covering the PIN from one of the three. We do have receipts and the credit card that was used to purchase the gift cards. We went to Walmart trying to return them, and they said they don’t accept returns of Apple gift cards.

Is there anything we can do to get our money back? We do have Apple phones and an iPad but both just bought new phones and don’t really have any use for $300 in Apple credit in the immediate future.

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  1. Well, Christmas isn’t that far off, and these do make pretty decent gifts.

  2. peakpenguins says:

    Best you can do is probably sell them (likely for a small loss) on a gift card selling website.

    Apple’s website says they do not refund gift cards except where mandated by law, and while a few states do mandate cash refunds, as far as I can tell none of them are for an amount over $9.99.

  3. Not really. Beware !recovery scammers who will offer to help you. You could look for gift card resale sites but unfortunately I don’t know which are legit.

  4. oldfrenchwhore says:

    You said you’re wealthy. Donate them, write it off on your taxes.

  5. rigiboto01 says:

    Call Apple support

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